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Healthy People Rwanda (HPR) is a registered Rwandan Non-governmental organization founded in 2013 by 11 students from the National University of Rwanda. Its first projects focused on empowering disadvantaged youth particularly street children. HPR’s work evolved over the years to entail sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice, road safety, professional development programs, and health promotion.

HPR has adopted a needs-based approach throughout its project planning. As of now, HPR focuses on the implementation of projects towards the achievement of sustainable development Goals 3, 5, 10, 11 and 13. HPR empowers local and international volunteers, and its administrative staff with skills and knowledge through offering a life-changing experience of community service and multi-disciplinary partnerships. 


HPR has adopted a needs-based approach for its projects planning. Over the last four years, HPR has implemented projects to contribute  to the development of health and healthcare providers in Rwanda. The focus is to implement projects that contribute to the movement towards the sustainable development Goals 3, 5, 10, and 13. We make the experience of serving their community a rewarding experience for the local and international volunteers, and our staff while  providing them with skills and knowledge.

We are non-profit, non-political, volunteer collective attracting volunteers from around the world to share skills and help to solve the world’s most challenging issues.

Road Safety and First Aid Initiative

In June 2017, HPR launched its two-years First Aid Initiative Rwanda (FAIR). This project aimed at promoting road safety and first aid in Rwanda. FAIR resulted from a preparatory study and a pilot project conducted by HPR and the International Medical Cooperation Committee (IMCC)-FAIR from 2013-2016. We recognize that most of road accidents happen because of mistakes of pedestrians or drivers. Either way, road safety measures must be embraced to ensure life is well protected. Reckless behaviors such as drunk-driving, inattention to traffic signs and other contraventions must be abandoned.

What we have done:


  •     Education of high schools and driving students on road safety and first aid

  •     Training of health club teachers

  •     Training of HPR Volunteers

  •     Training of motor drivers and public cars drivers

  •     Education of the public on road safety via social media

  •     Advocacy meeting

Youth Mobilization Projects

The Action2015 campaign was conducted in 2015. It aimed at gathering inputs from youth led organization to inform the development of the sustainable Development Goals. click here to access the report




A campaign to improve road safety in Rwanda

The Healthy People Rwanda collaborated with the Rwanda National Police and other partners to launch a national road safety campaign dubbed ‘Gerayo Amahoro’ (arrive safely). This campaign was extended to taxi-moto operators and public transportation drivers at the beginning and the Rwanda National Police (RNP) and partners continue to reach out to all categories of road users to respect traffic rules to prevent road carnage. This campaign has already started showing results and is believed to become a milestone in reducing mortality and morbidity caused by road traffic accidents.


​The 2nd world youth assembly for road safety-“The future lies in our hands”

The road crash related fatalities and injuries are among the top public health problems worldwide. There are facts around this: the number of annual fatalities caused by road traffic crashes had reached 1.35 million according to global status report on Road Safety 2018, injuries related to road crashes are the leading cause of death among people aged 5-29.  Youth for Road Safety (YOURS) has seen this and took initiative to gather 200 young road safety delegates from 74 countries across the world for the 2nd World Youth Assembly for Road Safety ​that took place in Stockholm, Sweden. This article intends to share with you what different youth delegates enjoyed and experienced during the Assembly. These are different thoughts of young delegates who attended assembly.

Nattasuang Phakkawan from Thailand said″ The Thai red cross asked me to attend this assembly. I really liked the energy and motivations that they gave to all of us. Our voice could be possibly make something change in a better way. And now I go back to Thailand with full of energy to say 'Enough is enough ' Time for change”

Sammi Li from China “I was impressed by the high energy, high level of engagement, very positive spirit from young and bright leaders and Inspired by the modern format of the event (e.g live street art and rap music performance). That’s the way to go when you want to create fun and real inspiration to incite the youth to like and to retain the given message on a given topic. Great mix of presentation of facts and practical workshops related to SDGs  where each delegate made at least one concrete commitment to change. The most important part of the event was obviously the Global Youth Statement which will serve as a guiding star to the young delegates driving action in their home town.”

​Linda Kemoli from Kenya “The WAY (World Youth Assembly) as was insightful. I learned so much from the panel discussions as well as the parallel one and interacted with people from nations across the world that are passionate about the same cause (road safety). I felt driven to continue working towards this cause (road safety), feeling reassured that there are many other young people around the world that are doing the same!”

Dr. Farah Naz Rahman from Bangladesh “I work in a public health NGO of Bangladesh which works on road safety. I get to know about 2nd World Youth Assembly from my office contacts. It was very different from the regular conferences. It was so vibrant, youthful and very engaging. I love the instructiveness and diversity of the conference most. Youths all over the world doing commendable works on road safety was highly inspiring”

Daniela from Argentina “It was an interesting experience. Got to know more about other ways to promote road safety trough the experience of the other young people”

Tendekayi Marapara from Zimbabwe “It was a great platform to learn how others are doing, learning how to star rate schools and appreciating the success stories from other youths. The future lies in our hands”Providence Klugan from Ghana “It was amazing! The ability to interact and learn from fellow age mates and put together a statement claiming our space. I really enjoyed the energy, there wasn't a single dull moment!”

Maolin Macatangay from  Philippines said " I am part of the Global Youth Task force who organized the 2nd World Youth Assembly for Road Safety. I found the assembly to be an immense success. I saw that the youth delegates were extremely passionate about their commitments for safer roads and safer mobility. It leaves me to wonder whether they've always had this energy and was just waiting for the perfect platform to express it. Everything was a breath of fresh air and it left me with so much hope for our society and the next generation."

The last one to share his view is Steve Manyozo from Malawi who stated “The 2nd World Youth Assembly on Road Safety was an amazing opportunity for a galvanized youth movement for the course of road safety. The big foot print for me was when we (the youth of the world) delivered the Youth Statement on Road Safety at the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference”

Before concluding this article let me quote Omnia’s powerful statement She mentioned when She was delivering her speech in 3rd ministerial conference She said “Let us be the last generation facing this global road safety crisis!”



Previous activities

In 2013, 2014 and 2016 HPR and Edinburgh Global Partnerships conducted a series of sexual and reproductive health and rights projects in high schools and at a youth center reaching out to more than 12,000 young people and establishing a 60 modern chicken hutch, potable water infrastructure and modern Toilet (ECOSAN) for the youth center.

Single Mothers & Mbazi Youth Centre Support Project

Donors and Partners

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Healthy People Rwanda (HPR) is a registered non-governmental organization founded in 2013.

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