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Who We Are and What We Do

To contribute to health and human resources development in the Rwandan health sector.



1. To promote the rights to health: accessible, available, acceptable and good quality health in Rwanda.


2. To support the Rwandan community in combating communicable and non-communicable diseases.

3. To promote equality and health education in youth related to HIV/AIDS, family planning, sexual reproductive health, tobacco, drug use, and alcohol consumption.

4. To support local and national youth programs including vocational training and community development programs led by youth.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously empower youth and local communities towards improving quality of life from grassroots; through capacity building, research and evidence based health development initiatives.


Our Vision

A future Rwandan society in which youth are drivers of community health’s advancements and everyone has the best attainable health.


Our Values


Our team works as a cohesive unit with common interests, vision, and unconditional collaboration.   


Our approaches entail creativity  to ensure sustainable tackling of Rwandan health challenges.


HPR emanated from the zeal of students from University of Rwanda to improve community health which is present in every team member hitherto.



We acknowledge that current Rwandan health challenges are multi-faceted thus operate within multi-sectoral teams to effectively come up with  innovative evidence-based interventions.



We continuously improve our approaches towards a common mission of becoming independent catalysts of good health and advocates for equitable quality healthcare delivery that take into account grassroots initiatives.



Each individual our team comes across regardless of social, cultural and economic difference is treated with utmost respect within the spirit of collective cooperation.



Our journey has been long and still is, nevertheless we are grateful for what has been achieved and the number of lives we improved. More is to come, the sky is the limit!

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