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Rwanda Safe School Zone Project

This research was funded by the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety in which HPR pertains. The study was carried out during 17th-19th July 2019 and aimed to assess safety of zones around Groupe Scolaire Camp Kigali. Qualitative research methods were used and Key Informant Interviews carried out. The school had 3058 attendants and was surrounded by 5 paved roads. The school was fenced  which prevented students from going out without teachers’ knowledge however also had a single small gate which causes congestion at 5pm (departure time from school). 82.2% of students walked, 13.08% used buses and 4.71% came with private cars. The school was located 1km (the closest) to 6km (the farthest) from students’ homes. Younger children were accompanied by someone at school. In addition, the school had at least 1 case of Road traffic accident which involved one of their attendants, from where it earned a position in the category of fairly unsafe schools in Kigali City.

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