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Enhancing road traffic crash response among police officers in Rwanda


In a bid to enhance road traffic crash response among police officers in Rwanda, Healthy People Rwanda (HPR) has joined forces with RECA (Rwanda Emergency Care Association) to train police officers on first aid. This is part of the project titled “increasing emergency medical and road traffic crash response training in Rwanda”, funded by the US Embassy Rwanda mission.



The series of trainings will equip police officers with essential first aid skills, fostering a more adept and efficient response to emergencies on the road.

The challenge

Post-crash care is a crucial component of road safety that focuses on providing immediate medical attention and support to individuals involved in a road traffic crash. This phase is vital for minimizing the severity of injuries, reducing fatalities, and promoting a faster recovery for those affected.


“As one of the pillars of road safety, it is important to equip as many lay responders as possible, especially those that are likely to arrive at the crash scene first, with first aid knowledge that will make them ready effectively and efficiently to respond while waiting for a professional health care team,"  pointed out Dr. Innocent Nzeyimana, HPR President.


He emphasizes that the severity of road traffic crashes in Rwanda necessitates a collective approach, as no single entity can adequately address the magnitude of this issue. “Partners are increasingly recognizing the value of collaborative efforts, and we sincerely appreciate the growing awareness that, together, we can effectively tackle this pressing concern.”



The training program adopts a two-part approach, balancing theoretical and practical components. The first phase focuses on theoretical concepts, while the second phase incorporates hands-on training using diverse teaching models, such as mannequins. This approach ensures that participants not only understand the theoretical aspects but also gain practical experience in applying first aid techniques. The curriculum covers a broad spectrum of topics, including emergency communication, CPR (Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation), stop the bleed, recovery position, first aid for choking, and immobilization for fractured limbs. These modules are designed to address emergencies encountered by police officers on the field. Each training session begins with a pre-test to gauge participants' existing skills and knowledge, followed by a post-test to evaluate the effectiveness of the training. This structured assessment approach helps track progress and identify areas for continuous improvement.



To date 878 police officers have been trained. For the initiative to be sustainable, additionally  35 police healthcare professionals  including medical doctors, nurses, and paramedics have been trained to be also trainers for their colleagues.


Project updates 


This initiative is being implemented in partnership with the Rwanda National Police and is funded by the US Embassy Rwanda mission.

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