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Action 2015 Rawanda

Action 2015 was a worldwide campaign carried out locally by Healthy People Rwanda. The campaign aimed to engage youth in national development agenda, discuss national achievements of Millennium Development Goals, and ignite conversations with decision makers.

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  1. Create local Rwandan youth organizations coalition for action 2015

  2. Ensure national public awareness of action2015

  3. Offer good opportunity to youth to meet decision makers and discuss country’s current and future development agenda

  4. To create a youth platform incorporating 15 youth organizations to synergize efforts on advocacy in 2015 UN summits


  • 50 participants including youth and decision makers from local organizations, ministries (Youth, Health, and Gender promotion), Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), National Youth Council (NYC) came together and discussed national and global development agenda 2015

  • A youth platform was enhanced bringing together 30 youth from University of Rwanda associations, RGB, NYC inter alia and undertook discussions related to poverty reduction, good governance, Human rights, health and climate change

  • Action15 messages and talks passed on 4 different local radios, 3 most visited websites and social media in Rwanda

  • 44 youth reached out to by the campaign and a youth coalition created

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