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First Aid & Road Safety


The goal of the First Aid Initiative Rwanda (FAIR) is to reduce morbidity and mortality among children and youth due to road traffic accidents in Rwanda. In order to achieve this goal, capacity building and policy advocacy activities are conducted. The project team carries out road safety and first aid (RS/FA) workshops in high school and

Other activities are campaigning and advocacy for RS/FA inclusion in national high schools’ and driving schools’ curriculum. Primary the project targets students from high schools and driving schools around Kigali. Secondarily, teachers and driving trainers are taken through a particular curriculum to make them independent trainers. High schools students carry on teachings and RS/FA campaigns through school-based health clubs.

HPR becomes member of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety

Healthy People Rwanda is pleased to communicate that, from earlier this month, it has been officially accepted as a member of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety. Initiated in 2012 by NGO members of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC), the Alliance is a collection of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that implement programs and lobby for road safety initiatives around the world.

HPR joins a network of more than 200 member NGOs working in road safety from almost 90 countries around the world, becoming the only member from Rwanda.  Road safety is at the core of HPR objectives and various activities in that regard were carried out. The admission comes at a time when we are implementing a project to reduce mortality and morbidity caused by road accidents in Rwanda. This is indeed vital in complementing this initiative and helping us in realizing goals we’ve set out to achieve.It is a boost to HPR’s steadfast strive for a healthy society as well as an invaluable opportunity to join hands and work on our shared goal of making roads safer for all and advocate for road victims’ rights.

We are looking forward to more consequential work driven by knowledge and information-sharing with sister NGOs in the forum whose growth we are ready to contribute. HPR reiterates its commitment to championing health in Rwanda and being the torchbearer in health promotion.  

First Aid Skills

Increasing knowledge about first aid and life support care among high school students through  school-based campaigns.

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Road Safety Skills

Targeting teachers and driving trainers to increase their knowledge on road safety and first aid while recruiting ambassadors for road safety and first aid among them.

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Students Driven Mobilization

Students' health clubs are mentored to create innovative content such as drama, poems etc. to spread road safety and first aid knowledge in their schools and beyond.

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