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Stopping Road Tragedies in Africa: The TRANS-SAFE Project is Here to Help

Imagine a world where African roads are safer for everyone – that's the goal of the TRANS-SAFE project! Road accidents are a big problem in Africa, with way too many people getting hurt or even killed.


This EU-funded project brings together road safety experts from Africa and Europe to share ideas and make a real difference. They're working with governments to create better road safety plans and put them into action. As a member of this consortium, Healthy People Rwanda (HPR) is spearheading these initiatives in Kigali alongside the University of Rwanda.


Safer Roads for All


The project focuses on something called the "Safe System" approach. This means making sure everything on the road works together to keep people safe. They're looking at:


  • Safe Vehicles: This means having strong cars, buses, and trucks with up-to-date safety features.


  • Safe Speeds: It's important to have speed limits that make sense and to use tools like speed cameras to keep everyone in check.


  • Safe Roads: This means good road design, clear signs, and features that calm traffic, especially near schools.


  • Safe Road Users: Educating people about road safety, like wearing seatbelts and helmets, is key


  • Post-Crash Care: Making sure people get the medical attention they need fast after an accident is crucial.


Taking Action in Cities


The project isn't just talk! They're testing out these ideas in four African cities: Kigali (Rwanda), Cape Town (South Africa), Kumasi (Ghana), and Lusaka (Zambia). This way, they can see what works best and share the knowledge with other countries.


Here are some cool things they're doing:


  • Walkability App: People in Kigali can use an app to report unsafe walking areas. This helps experts understand where to improve sidewalks and crossings.


  • School Star Ratings: This program checks how safe the roads are around schools and suggests ways to make them better.


  • First Aid Training: Police and others are learning how to give basic medical care to accident victims before the ambulance arrives.


A Brighter Future


The TRANS-SAFE project is all about making African roads safer for everyone. By working together, sharing knowledge, and testing new ideas, they hope to save lives and prevent tragedies. This will make a big difference for communities across Africa!

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